We are busy enjoying life here.  I’m spending lots of time with my boy watching him laugh big, stress free belly laughs.  I could count the freckles on his nose if he’d stand still for just one second, but it seems like he’s always jumping.

No school = no stress.  (Because a nine year old should really be stressed at school right?)  No more daily stomachaches or headaches.  No more worries about his food allergies and what people might think or say or do.  Sigh.  We had no idea how much stress Jackson was really feeling until he came home on the last day of school, went into his art room and came out an hour later with an amazingly well written essay about how difficult it was dealing with his food allergies at school this year.  Double sigh.  I’ll save that for another blog post my friends, when I’m oh… a little less angry ‘mmmkay?

For now, Jackson is doing lots of this…


…jumping on the trampoline with the sprinkler on without a care in the world.  Freedom!  As it should be my friends, as it should be.

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  • Sweet Pea Chef

    Oh Vicki, so glad he is experiencing the wonderful freedom of summer! But that makes me so sad about what he may have written…sigh.

    Miss seeing your smiling face!

    • Vicki

      Thank you for your kindness as usual Sweat Pea! I’m glad that he is figuring out ways to cope and express himself. I forget sometimes how much is placed on his nine year old shoulders. Life lessons I suppose.

  • Momo Fali

    I love this. Yay for summer!

    • Vicki

      Bring your youngsters over anytime for a sprinkle and jump Momo! I’ll provide the gluten free beer. ;)

  • Sharla Starker

    Glad he is enjoying the time! Same here at our house! The chill of it all – no stressors triggering.

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