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Summer is over and my baby went back to school on Tuesday.  Bittersweet for sure, because summer time is so much fun.  I was anticipating unleashed terror and meltdown mode until  Christmas at least. Transitions are often, shall we say… difficult.

On Monday, Jackson woke up in a foul mood and stayed that way.  Emotions were either extremely high or low, low, low.  “I love you mommy…”

“Oh sweetie, that’s…”  

“But why, WHY do you have to send me to school?  Don’t you REALIZE how I DESPISE being COOPED UP for SEVEN hours a DAY?  Do you NOT REALIZE that?”   Why no dear, I had no idea.

Tuesday was a little better because  Jackson was the first person in his class to figure out how to  get a gummy lifesaver onto a gummy worm using only paper clips.  Problem solving at it’s finest.

And Wednesday… my child actually ran out of the school building with a huge smile on his face.  Say WHAT?  When we got home, he ate a snack and then helped me clean up the basement without incident.

Who IS this kid?  Are his transitions transitioning?  I’m keeping my fingers crossed.

6:38 pm… “Are you KIDDING me?  You mean I HAVE to take a SHOWER THREE days in a rooowwww?   I’m soooo TIIIIIRED!”

Ah, there we go.  That’s more like it.

Oh summer, WHY did you have to leave us so SOON?  Don’t you REALIZE how MUCH we’ll MISS you? Do you NOT realize that?  Come BACK!  Come BAAAACCCCKK!

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  • Rebecca

    I second that emotion!! But summer will be here again before we know it! Best of luck transitioning. If you need a cocktail, you know where to find me.

    • Vicki

      You know it sister!!

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