We need turrets dude, tons and tons of turrets!

Dude… more turrets.  Tons more!

Dude, what’s that machine gun stand doing there?  Move it!

No dude.

Dude… yes.

No dude.

Dude…. yes.

Dude, why did you take the spike bomb apart?  We need more weapons!  

Dude, here’s a stink bomb, a bounce bomb, some guns and more bullets.

Dude, I don’t think we have enough weapons…

Dude, there’s going to be a severe zombie attack this very night, we need as many weapons as possible!

Dude… come on! 

Dudes, I feel totally secure in knowing that we’ll all survive the impending zombie apocalypse don’t you?


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  • kate

    I assume Sam was the one concerned with the lack of weapons…

    • Vicki

      Actually, I think it was. :)

  • Anna S.

    OMG Vicki soooo funny!!

    • Vicki

      Oh Anna, you are so sweet! Boys, right?

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