I don’t recommend things very lightly.  When I like something and actually tell someone that I like it, it means I really like it.  Our Maytag Bravo top load, energy efficient washer and dryer… love them.  Our Kitchen Aid dishwasher… not so much.  Bogs boots for stomping around in the rain, sleet or snow… love them.  My Nikon Coolpix 10x optical zoom, point and shoot camera… eh.  You get the picture.

A few of my mama friends and I found these super cool divided lunch containers a few years ago and have been using them ever since.  They are BPA free, dishwasher safe and fit nicely into the average sized lunch box.

Pretty cool huh?  Just think… if you had 3 or 4 school lunches to pack every day, you could line them all up assembly line style and go to town.  (If you’re wondering what’s in the foil, well I’m not gonna tell you. Kidding, it’s organic turkey bacon.)  Jackson brings the foil home to be recycled.

One container and one lid.  The lid is pretty great too, it indents a little down into each of the three spaces to create a very tight seal.  No plastic baggies and no waste!  Great for the environment huh? You can find these lunch boxes online here and locally here.

PS… I’m going to be giving away a few sets of these before school starts, so keep checking back.

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  • Phebe

    LOVE them! I’m so glad you got me into them, too – saved me from using soooo many plastic baggies through the years (and just more simple to pack, too!)

    • Vicki

      I know, one day I’m going to figure out how many plastic bags I would’ve used for the entire school year.

  • Kelly Lester (EasyLunchboxes)

    Hey Vicki! Your post came up in my Google Alerts and I’m just totally tickled that you wrote such a nice review! Thrilled that you’re loving my little lunchboxes. Thank you so much!!! :)

    • Vicki

      Kelly, so many of my mommy friends use them so thank you very much. (I’m also linking to your site on my blog)

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